Project Egypt

Project Egypt is the leading heavy transportation and lifting equipment company in the Middle East, the most quality that distinguishes our heavy hauling and in-land transportation services and set them apart from any typical trucking services is: Safety

We own a fleet of the world's most modern equipment to transfer all kinds of materials " hazardous & non hazardous" Out of or Into remote rigs and platforms all over the Middle East. cranes, forklifts, pickups, hydraulic jacking cylinders and rollers for skidding operations, composers, bulk silo, acid tanks, diesel pumps, generators, and cutting equipment.

Field of the work:
Renting and supplying of heavy lifting equipments, trucks and rental drilling machines.

We can start Formulating our schemes and frameworks Only when we declare to Ourselves, to our Valued clients and to our Potential clients, as well, our mission, our vision and our values statements which define our purpose as a company and serve as the platform for every single action and decision we take, show our perception and awareness of our organization in the future and give us the steer to continuous improvement and leadership.

Our Mission:
"What Do We Do?"

Providing Globally-Integrated Logistical Solutions through offering a wide range of world-class done-deal services for the world's global commerce & international trade businesses.


Taking full care of any business in need of a heavy transportation service, equipment lifting or leasing services, and/or storage spaces for their heavy equipment, all over the Middle East area.


Taking full care of any business working in the field of international trade and that is in need of an experienced.

Our Vision
"A statement that would set out our aspiration for the future"
"What Are We Aspiring To?"

Initiating swift Solutions for any ccomplications that may arise in such a rapid-motion world of heavy transportation and logistics; get all the way through with the ability of seizing every obstacle as a new challenge, developing new ideas, applying creativity and continuous improvement strategies.


 "Whenever there's a business that is in need of at least one of our services, the most efficient supply chain services can never be any greater".


Obtaining a world wide database of corporate customers with the aspiration to continuously improve and double our business, gaining a customer relation that can be described as a "partnership in success" through accomplishing our work in the most efficient and effective ways helping them to efficiently & effectively accomplish their work in turn.

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